Nissan Says It Will Never Give Up On The Skyline, However …

Other sedans don’t seem so safe.
The Nissan brand is in a weird place around the world as the automaker and its partners institute a new global business plan. The automaker’s executive vice president Asako Hoshino says the venerable Skyline is safe, though. However, don’t get too excited yet.

Hoshino is specifically referring to the current Skyline sedan, which Americans would know as the Infiniti Q50 sedan. She’s not talking about the GT-R.

A newspaper report in Japan recently claimed that Nissan was discontinuing the development of all sedans, including the Cima, Fuga, and Skyline models in the country. The Fuga is related to the former Infiniti Q70, and the Cima is similar to the Q70L.

“Last weekend, the Nikkei Shimbun reported that the development of the Skyline had been suspended and that the curtain had come down on the development of this symbol of Nissan. Nissan will never give up on the Skyline,” Hoshino said during the launch of the Nissan Note Aura e-POWER, according to Car Watch Impress.

It’s worth noting that she didn’t deny that the Fuga and Cima were going away.




トヨタ自動車は、5月22日〜23日に富士スピードウェイで行われたスーパー耐久シリーズ2021の第3戦「NAPAC 富士SUPER TEC 24時間レース」(以下、富士24時間)に、水素エンジンを搭載した車両を投入した。“水素エンジンでレースに出よう”と発案したのは豊田章男社長であり、自身がチームオーナーを務めるROOKIE RacingではMORIZO名でドライバーを務めた。富士24時間では自ら体を張って水素エンジン搭載車のステアリング・ホイールを握った …

Britain’s first self-driving shuttle bus hits the streets, but scares passengers away

It’s ugly and terrifying

Last Thursday, Britain‘s first autonomous shuttle was launched in Cambridge, where it drove around the university campus as part of its first testing, METRO reports.

Although you’d expect that its autonomous function would be in the spotlight, there’s another feature which undoubtedly steals the show: its extremely ugly appearance.

Doesn’t it remind you of one of those insects with exoskeletons that are so terrifying to look at? Or maybe of a destructive and angry Transformer that could easily be named “Shuttle-tron”? And the British flag paint job doesn’t really help, does it?

Toyota successfully completes Fuji 24-hour race with hydrogen engine

On April 22, Toyota announced that it was developing a hydrogen-fueled engine and that one of its Corolla Sport models, equipped with the engine, would enter the Super TEC 24 Hour race in the Super Taikyu series at Fuji International Speedway, run under the Rookie Racing team name with the car prepared by Toyota’s Gazoo Racing (GR) operation. With the race due to be held just one month later (May 21-23), it was impressive that the car only had its first shakedown on April 24.

According to Toyota president Akio Toyoda, who would race the car under his nom de guerre, Morizo, there were a number of motivations for plunging his company’s newest technology in at the deep end of competition: “I want to take up the challenge of working with hydrogen-powered engines, which represent a hidden potential for motorsports going forward. The reason for competing in a 24-hour endurance race is that simply lasting three or five hours is not enough. You have to have done the preparation to last for 24 hours. On top of that, I’m one of the drivers. Many people in Japan associate hydrogen with explosions. So, I want to show that it is safe by driving in a race myself.”

リアル店舗の最先端DX事例から探る ─ ポスタス、TRIALのAIカメラ・スマートショッピングカート・店舗省人化の裏側とは?


まずは、Retail AI Engineeringの古賀輝幸氏が登壇し、トライアルカンパニーのサービスやDX事例を紹介した。TRIALは昨今では当たり前のITの導入を、1980年代から着手。「ITの力で流通を変える」とのスローガンを掲げ、自社で各種ITツールやシステムの開発を進めてきた。