Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from Cambridge Travelodge

A robot vacuum cleaner made a break for freedom after giving staff the slip at a Travelodge hotel.

The automated cleaner failed to stop at the front door of the hotel in Orchard Park in Cambridge on Thursday, and was still on the loose the following day. Staff said it just kept going and “could be anywhere” while well-wishers on social media hoped the vacuum enjoyed its travels, as “it has no natural predators” in the wild.

It was found under a hedge on Friday.

Staff at the hotel posted the story of the robot vacuum’s great escape on social media, asking for it to be returned, if found. “Today we had one of our new robot vacuums run for its life,” the assistant manager wrote. “They normally sense the lip at the entrance [to the hotel] and turn around, but this one decided to make a run for it.”

見守りサービスあんしんハローライトプラン by クロネコヤマト


Amazon Packages Pile Up as AWS Outage Spawns Delivery Havoc

An Amazon Web Services outage wreaked havoc on the e-commerce giant’s delivery operation, preventing drivers from getting routes or packages and shutting down communication between Amazon and the thousands of drivers it relies on, according to four people familiar with the situation.

Three delivery service partners said an Inc. app used to communicate with delivery drivers was down as part of Tuesday’s system failure. Vans that were supposed to be on the road delivering packages sat idle with no communication from the company, the person said. Amazon Flex drivers, independent delivery people who carry parcels in their own cars, couldn’t log into Amazon’s app to get assignments, said another person.







スマートロック「Qrio」で障害、発生から4日たつも直らず 遠隔操作できない状態

スマートロック「Qrio」を遠隔操作するためのデバイス「Qrio Hub」でネットワーク障害が発生している。Qrio社(東京都渋谷区)によると、11月26日に障害の発生を告知して以来、30日午後9時の時点でも復旧できていないという。

Qrioは、Bluetoothで接続することでスマートフォンから鍵の施錠/解錠ができるスマートロック。Qrio Hubを導入すればインターネット越しの操作も可能。例えば、出先からの鍵の施錠/解錠や、スマートスピーカーをつなげば声による操作にも対応する。

今回の障害は、Qrio Hubとサーバ間で通信エラーが発生。リモート操作による施錠/解錠と、Qrio Hubによる施錠/解錠の履歴更新ができなくなっている。一方で、Bluetoothを使ったスマートフォンからの操作は利用可能という。