Emotional, Burning, Unlimited Tuned Laboratory

I enjoyed the 1st start up in my life when I was in university, 20 years ago. I had various experience means both GOOD STUDY about the real society, business, money, and BAD EXPERIENCE of loosing the important existence, my friend.

It gave me the period of thinking what I should do, research, develop, make the business and money, learn about the various culture in other countries … and reconfig my brain in my country, JAPAN.

In 2008 – 2010, I spent my life for the battle with a brain tumor. My left brain had stopped from 2005 and I had tried taking a trial surgery for human being. God helped me to give happy to the people have same situation like me but cannot take better way.

I started up EBUTLAB, Inc., the 2nd company in my life. I’d like to

  1. change the real world with internet as a sub culture
  2. develop some services for daily life
  3. develop the internet refrigerator
  4. develop the home POS service
  5. develop the RFID-back-borne
  6. develop the new interface with analog data
  7. develop the KIT
  8. give the hope to people like me

Mainly I will build the stage of next generation of INTERNET as sub culture for analog human life when I thought, planned and dreamed in my university. Anyway I’m sure to enjoy for NEXT LIFE with INTERNET in the next some years in JAPAN!