E-bandages use electricity to speed up skin wound healing

Scientists have developed a new electric bandage (“e-bandage”) that uses an electric field to speed up the rate of skin wound healing. The technology, which was recently detailed in the journal ACS Nano, was successfully used to speed up wound healing on rats, hinting at a potential treatment for diabetic ulcers and other wounds that take too long to heal.

Though skin is typically very capable of healing itself, some conditions and types of wounds can persist for long periods of time, increasing the risk of infection and other issues. Speeding up wound healing could be key to avoiding a number of complications, but methods to achieve this are slim…

Resium is library of React components for Cesium

Resium brings React’s component lifecycle to Cesium. The relationship between Cesium elements and React’s lifecycle is as follows.
  1. constructor: The Cesium element is initialized (the Cesium element of some components are initialized at mount time).
  2. render: Nothing is rendered, because the object passed to children via React’s context API does not exist in this time.
  3. componentDidMount: The Cesium element is mounted. After this, forceUpdate is called and re-render children.
  4. render: Children of the component are rendered. DOM never be rendered except root components (Viewer and CesiumWidget).
  5. componentDidUpdate: Changed properties of the Cesium element are updated. If “Cesium read only properties” are changed, the Cesium element will be reinitialized.
  6. componentWillUnmount: The Cesium element is unmounted and destroyed.

Driverless vehicle trial to focus on a pesky problem: Kangaroos

Kangaroos being hit by cars is one big, very Australian problem.

With autonomous vehicles set to operate in Australia in the next few years, a trial in the state of New South Wales aims to figure out how to handle the pesky marsupial on roads.

The trial will feature what’s claimed to be the world’s first driverless ute (what Australians call a pickup truck), which will operate around the town of Dubbo.

It’ll take around eight months to develop the vehicle, with the on-road trial to go on for a year. The Daily Liberal reports the ute itself is an “off-the-shelf” Toyota Hilux, which will be retrofitted with driverless technology from UK company Conigital…


An open-source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps

Overview: CesiumJS is a geospatial 3D mapping platform for creating virtual globes. Our mission is to create the leading web-based globe and map for visualizing dynamic data. We strive for the best possible performance, precision, visual quality, ease of use, platform support, and content.

Computer chip will sniff your armpits and tell you when you have BO

DO I smell? It is an embarrassing problem we have all had to deal with. A run for the bus or a hot meeting room can leave you trying to check your armpit without anyone noticing. Luckily, AI is here to help.

UK chip-maker Arm, better known for developing the hardware that powers most smartphones, is working on a new generation of smart chips that embed artificial intelligence inside devices. One of these chips is being taught to smell.

The idea is that the chips will be small and cheap enough to be built into clothing, allowing an AI to keep tabs on your BO throughout the day. Arm also wants to add the chips to food packaging to monitor freshness.The e-noses are part of a project called PlasticArmPit, in which Arm is developing smart chips made from thin sheets of plastic. Each chip will have eight different sensors and a built-in machine learning circuit…




50 Big Ideas for 2019: What to watch in the year ahead

“If 2017 left you breathless and exhausted, then brace yourself,” we wrote last year. Sorry to say, things haven’t slowed down. The business leaders, authors, journalists and academics who gave us their 2019 predictions foresee a shaky economy, a troubled world order and continued anxiety — but also a renewed focus on caring for ourselves, for each other and for doing the right thing. Here’s our annual look at the year ahead. We also want to hear from you: Weigh in with #BigIdeas2019.

1. Move over, Millennials; it’s Gen Z’s time.

2. The economy will slow down…

3. … and companies will prepare with pre-emptive layoffs…



バラバラになった古代から伝わる智慧、そこには現代に生きる私たちが忘れかけている大切な「何か」があるのではないでしょうか …