Good Linux distros for new users

Are you willing to switch to linux or maybe give it a shot? Well I was too and to between all these hustle of distros and desktop environments I did what you did to find this article, I googled,”top linux distos”. So here are my top distros that I’d recommend to a new comer.

  1. Ubuntu – Let’s begin with probably the most popular distro, Ubuntu itself. Ubuntu is based on …
  2. Pop OS – I’m currently using pop os as my main distro. It has probably the cleanest desktop …
  3. Linux Mint – If you’re a windows user and want similar user experience on linux then Linux Mint is …
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macOS 11 Big Sur problems: how to fix the most common issues

All of your macOS Big Sur problems solved

If you’re experiencing macOS Big Sur problems after installing the new update, this guide should show you how to fix it.

Apple has touted macOS Big Sur as the most revolutionary update to its operating system in years, bringing such large changes that this is no longer a macOS 10.x release (which all versions have been since Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah back in 2001) but a whole new version: macOS 11.

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Windows 10, iOS, Chrome, and many others fall at China’s top hacking contest

Winning hacker team pockets $744,500 at the Tianfu Cup, China’s top hacking contest.

Many of today’s top software programs have been hacked using new and never-before-seen exploits at this year’s edition of the Tianfu Cup — China’s largest and most prestigious hacking competition.

Held in the city of Chengdu, in central China, the third edition of the Tianfu Cup ended earlier today.

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