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BodySharing®︎ allows the user to share body experiences
with virtual avatars, robots and other humans.

Live without the constraints of place, time, body and consciousness by the transferral of bodily movement and sensations through AI.

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Transcranial direct current stimulation of the posterior parietal cortex biases human hand choice

Hand choices—deciding which hand to use to reach for targets—represent continuous, daily, unconscious decisions. The posterior parietal cortex (PPC) contralateral to the selected hand is activated during a hand-choice task, and disruption of left PPC activity with a single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation prior to the execution of the motion suppresses the choice to use the right hand but not vice versa. These findings imply the involvement of either bilateral or left PPC in hand choice. To determine whether the effects of PPC’s activity are essential and/or symmetrical in hand choice, we increased or decreased PPC excitability in 16 healthy participants using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS; 10 min, 2 mA, 5 × 7 cm) and examined its online and residual effects on hand-choice probability and reaction time. After the right PPC was stimulated with an anode and the left PPC with a cathode, the probability of left-hand choice significantly increased and reaction time significantly decreased. However, no significant changes were observed with the stimulation of the right PPC with a cathode and the left PPC with an anode. These findings, thus, reveal the asymmetry of PPC-mediated regulation in hand choice.

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A terabyte isn’t what it used to be — 14% of Internet customers use more

Large numbers of US Internet subscribers are using over 1TB a month for the first time as the pandemic continues to boost home-Internet usage, according to research released today by the vendor OpenVault.

“The power user category continue[d] to accelerate [in Q4 2020], with 14.1 percent of weighted average subscribers now consuming over 1TB of data per month, up 94 percent from 2019,” OpenVault’s report said. In Q4 2019, 7.3 percent of US-based subscribers used over 1TB. (The weighted figures include both users with data caps and users with unlimited plans.)

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今回開発した製品はこうした電池の火災による被害を抑制するためのもの。消防関連製品メーカーのヤマトプロテックが開発した消火効果の高いエアロゾルを放出する消火剤と、凸版印刷が持つ塗工技術および透明蒸着バリアフィルム「GL BARRIER」を組み合わせた。火災発生時の熱に反応して消火剤エアロゾルを放出し、負触媒作用により消火する仕組みだ …

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AdobeがPDFの簡単な編集ができるツールを無料公開 ファイルの変換や圧縮、追記などをWebブラウザで

PDFを手軽に編集できるツール「Acrobat Web」を、Adobeが無料で公開しました。各種ファイルをPDFに変換したり、ページに追記したり、さまざまな作業をWebブラウザ上で行えます。


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