Amazon’s self-driving delivery robots are coming to California

NEW YORK – Amazon’s self-driving robots will be roaming the streets of another neighborhood.

The online shopping giant said Tuesday that the six-wheeled robots, about the size of a smaller cooler, will begin delivering packages to customers in Irvine, California. It comes after Amazon began testing them in a suburb of Seattle at the beginning of the year.

Amazon said the robots, which are light blue and have the Amazon smile logo stamped on its sides, are able to avoid crashing into trash cans or pedestrians. Still, a worker will accompany the robots at first.

Other companies have been testing similar delivery robots on college campuses, delivering burgers or soda to students. Amazon said its robots, which it calls Scout, will be delivering orders to doorsteps Monday to Friday and only during the day…

Gogoro announces Yamaha, Aeon and PGO are the first manufacturers that will use its swappable batteries in their own scooters

Gogoro, the Taiwanese electric vehicle company, has announced its first manufacturing partners. Yamaha, Aeon Motor and PGO will all launch new scooters this summer that run on Gogoro’s swappable batteries and charging infrastructure.

This means consumers who like Gogoro’s battery system will have a choice between buying Gogoro’s own scooters or scooters from its three partners. All scooters that use Gogoro’s energy network can exchange batteries at the 1,300 GoStations currently in Taiwan.

Beyond its own electric scooters, Gogoro sees its technology, most of which is developed in-house, as an open platform for electric vehicles, with the goal of reducing pollution in cities with heavy traffic. It recently launched a ridesharing platform that can be used as a white-label solution by companies that want to launch their own electric scooter-sharing program …

AWS introduces PartiQL to tear down walls between SQL and NoSQL

AWS open-sourced its PartiQL query language to provide a way to query data across formats and services.

The project was started as a reaction to the spreading of data across “relational databases, non-relational data stores, and data lakes” companies see today. Since most data stores come with their own query language, transforming data and moving it to another platform can get quite complicated and may require changes in applications and queries.

With the amount of tabular, nested, and semi-structured data that can be found across Amazon’s retail business and AWS services, the company needed a way to solve those issues and started work on PartiQL. The language’s design goals included SQL compatibility to keep SQL queries intact, first-class support for nested data, optional schema and query stability, minimal extensions over SQL, format independence, and data store independence as key development goals.

The now released outcome separates a query’s syntax and semantics from the data source and format, so that users can query data no matter how or where they are stored. A first reference implementation written in Kotlin, JetBrains’ language for the JVM, a specification document, and a PartiQL tutorial are available now under the Apache 2 license.

Unity, now valued at $6B, raising up to $525M

Unity’s private valuation is climbing, but it’s growing unclear whether the company’s leadership is planning to take the 15-year-old gaming powerhouse public anytime soon.

The company announced today that is has received signed agreements from D1 Capital Partners, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Light Street Capital, Sequoia Capital and Silver Lake Partners to fund a $525 million tender offer that will allow Unity’s common shareholders — the majority of which are early or current employees — to sell their shares in the company.

The tender offer gives employees “the opportunity for some liquidity,” Unity CFO Kim Jabal says. The total amount raised will depend on the enthusiasm of common shareholders to sell their stakes in Unity…

Displays & Setting Stories of Liquid Galaxy

Liquid Galaxy produced by End Point Corp. has various us cases with displays.

Grab their attention and inspire their imagination with End Point Liquid Galaxy. Command Centers, Trade Shows, Research, Sales, Real Estate, Events, Education, Travel, Entertainment, Gaming. Our innovative IMMERSIVE INTERACTIVE SYSTEM enables dynamic video and graphic overlays to 3D geospatial flight in a shared environment.

GIS Consulting The Liquid Galaxy is an intense data visualization tool for operations, marketing, and research…
Real Estate The Liquid Galaxy provides an excellent tool for real estate brokerages and land use agencies to showcase their properties with multiple large screens showing 3D building models and complete Google Earth data…


Shinobazu Wonder 12 – 明治アーティストの離合聚散 + Liquid Galaxy

上野という美術の戦場(博覧会、展覧会、競技会など)で表現を競い、時に新たな理想を掲げて独立し、「離合聚散」しながら芸術活動を続けた彼らの軌跡をデジタル技術(Liquid Galaxy および AR)を交えてお見せします。しのばずエリアで紡がれた彼らのネットワークや芸術との格闘にまつわる物語を、展示やまち歩きを通してご体験ください。あなただけの「ワンダーアーティスト」を見つける仕掛けを用意して、会場でお待ちしています。

東京大学大学院情報学環吉見俊哉研究室・渡邉英徳研究室・凸版印刷株式会社は,共同研究成果の発表イベント「Shinobazu Wonder 12 ー明治アーティストの離合聚散ー」を開催します。

旧平櫛田中邸・アトリエ(〒110-0002 東京都台東区上野桜木2-20-3)
7月13日 (土) 12:00-17:00
7月14日 (日) 11:00-17:00
7月15日 (祝) 11:00-16:00


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