Microsoft passes Alphabet by market cap

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When Google first passed Microsoft in terms of stock market value six years ago, it looked like the companies were headed in opposite directions.

But over the past 12 months, Microsoft has surged 40 percent, more than five times Alphabet’s gain, and has again become the more valuable of the two. As of Tuesday’s close, Microsoft was worth $749 billion and Alphabet’s market capitalization stood at $739 billion.

カキのノロウイルス、極小の泡で除去 京都の企業が開発 : 京都新聞

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車の電子キー無反応、トラブル相次ぐ 長崎県佐世保市で200件超 「米軍基地が影響か」の声も|【西日本新聞】

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MariaDB Server 10.3/MariaDB TX 3.0リリース。Oracle Database互換機能を搭載し、同じデータ型やPL/SQLのストアドプロシジャをサポート

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MariaDB 10.3と、それをコアとするMariaDB TX 3.0がリリースされた。新機能としてOracle Database互換機能を搭載したのが目玉だ。今後もMariaDBはエンタープライズ向けに強化されていくと見られる。

同社は同時に、MariaDB Server 10.3をコアデータベースとし、MariaDB ClusterやMariaDB MaxScale、MariaDB Connectorなどの周辺ツールを統合した「MariaDB TX 3.0」の正式リリースも発表しています。

High School in China Installs Facial Recognition Cameras to Monitor Students’ Attentiveness

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A high school in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province located on the eastern coast of China, has employed facial recognition technology to monitor students’ attentiveness in class. At Hangzhou Number 11 High School, three cameras at the front of the classroom scan students’ faces every 30 seconds, analyzing their facial expressions to detect their mood, according …

Introducing Microsoft Azure Sphere: Secure and power the intelligent edge

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In the next decade, nearly every consumer gadget, every household appliance, and every industrial device will be connected to the Internet. These connected devices will also become more intelligent with the ability to predict, talk, listen, and more. The companies who manufacture these devices will have an opportunity to reimagine everything and fundamentally transform their businesses with new product offerings, new customer experiences, and differentiate against competition with new business models.

All these everyday devices have in common a tiny chip, often smaller than the size of your thumbnail, called a microcontroller (MCU). The MCU functions as the brain of the device, hosting the compute, storage, memory, and an operating system right on the device. Over 9 billion of these MCU-powered devices are built and deployed every year. For perspective, that’s more devices shipping every single year than the world’s entire human population. While few of these devices are connected to the Internet today, within just a few years, this entire industry, all 9 billion or more devices per year, is on path to include connected MCUs.


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モノづくり集団aNo研(a Nice Object 研究所)は、冷蔵庫のプリン見守りデバイス「プリン・ア・ラート2」を発表している。同研究所は以前にも、プリンが取られるとLINEで「プリンが取られました!!」と通知する「プリン・ア・ラート」を制作。プリンに対する並々ならぬ「取られたくない」という思いを持っている。


Russia Steps Up Hacking, Spurring U.S.-U.K. Warning on Risk

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Russia is using compromised computer-network equipment to attack U.S. and British companies and government agencies, the two countries warned in an unprecedented joint alert.

The warning on Monday came from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation and Britain’s National Cyber Security Center. It included advice to companies about how to protect themselves and warned specifically of attacks on routers, the devices that channel data around a network.