‘No source code for evil’: Developers pressure Chef Software to cut ties with ICE

Chef developers and executives fought over the company’s contract with US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Faced with this, Chef Software’s management first resisted, but it has now given in to demands to start severing ties with ICE.

With thousands of immigrant children separated from their parents under President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies, the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has made many enemies. At the same time, software companies like Chef Software, the DevOps company, work with ICE. So, when open-source developer Seth Vargo discovered his open-source project, Chef Sugar, was being used by Chef, he pulled his code. And then he and Chef Software both discovered just how much Chef, the program, relied on his library…

Elon Musk warns world to be vigilant for AI ‘bot swarms’ that attempt to manipulate social media because it could be first sign of robot take over

  • Musk has shared two tweets about the dangers of ‘advanced AI’
  • He claimed the technology could soon take over social media
  • The Tesla CEO suggested we watch swarm bots to see if they start evolving

Elon Musk has once again issued a stark warning over his fears about the rise of artificial intelligence. The Telsa CEO shared a pair of tweets today that stated it will not be long until ‘advanced AI’ manipulates social media. Musk has suggested sites closely watch to see if bot swarms are evolving faster, as this could be a dead giveaway of a robot takeover…

Richard Stallman To Continue As Head Of The GNU Project

While Richard Stallman resigned as president of the Free Software Foundation last week, he just announced he’ll be continuing as head of the GNU Project.

RMS just wrote in a brief mailing list post:
On September 16 I resigned as president of the Free Software Foundation, but the GNU Project and the FSF are not the same. I am still the head of the GNU Project (the Chief GNUisance), and I intend to continue as such.

He hadn’t elaborated any further on his GNU plans moving forward besides that he intends on remaining at the front of the GNU Project. But perhaps with more time on his hands now with having resigned from the FSF and MIT, maybe we’ll be seeing more code contributions from Stallman to the likes of GNU Hurd…

Mysterious Mac Pro Shutdowns Likely Caused by Chrome Update

A serious data corruption issue that resulted in Mac Pro workstations being rendered unusable at a number of Hollywood studios Monday was likely caused by a browser update gone haywire: Google told Mac Pro users Tuesday evening that an update to its Chrome browser is likely to fault for the issue, which particularly impacted video editors across Hollywood and beyond.

“We recently discovered that a Chrome update may have shipped with a bug that damages the file system on MacOS machines,” the company wrote in a forum post. “We’ve paused the release while we finalize a new update that addresses the problem.”

Reports of Mac Pro workstations refusing to reboot started to circulate among video editors late Monday. At the time, the common denominator among impacted machines seemed to be the presence of Avid’s Media Composer software…




一方、会計ソフトのfreee(東京・品川)は複数のAWSのデータセンターを使っていたが、通常稼働していたセンターへの切り替えがうまくいかず、一部サービスが停止。今後はAWSとは別のクラウドを利用することも考える …

Every Single Piece of Hardware Amazon Announced Today

More Alexa, anyone?

Amazon’s September hardware event returned this year to bring us spanking-new devices, with Alexa-enabled features front and center, shocking. The event, which Amazon live-blogged but did not stream, kicked off as it did last year with a presentation from David Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president of devices. He teased out some of what’s new from the company and just like last year, Amazon dropped so many product reveals that it’ll make your head spin. Here’s what to know.

Echo Dot
First up, Amazon’s Echo Dot gets a clock. According to CNET, the new Echo Dot with Clock has an LED screen behind the speaker that will display not only the time but alarm times and the temperature when asked. This little guy clocks in (sorry) at $60 and is available for pre-order beginning today. Amazon says if the Dot is used as an alarm clock, users can now tap to snooze as well…

CentOS 8 vs CentOS 7

CentOS 8 では、各種ミドルウェアの標準バージョンが最新化される予定です。
PHP 7.2、MySQL 8.0 などをそのまま利用することができます。

Python については「3.6系」と「2.7系」を選択してインストール可能ですが、可能な限り「3.6系」の利用をオススメします。(Python 2系は2020年1月1日でサポート終了)

CentOS のパッケージ管理に欠かせない yum の中身が入れ替わります。
Fedora などで採用されている dnf をベースとしたコマンドへと変更になりました。

以前の yum は Python 2 ベースでしたが、dnf は Python 3 ベースで作られています。
コマンドラインのオプション等は変わらないものの、プラグインは別途対応が必要です …

世界初 ヒトiPS細胞から複数臓器を同時に 東京医科歯科大





大きさは、すべて合わせて1センチほどで、ヒトの胎児にたとえると、受精から1か月余りとほぼ同じ状態だということで、肝臓から液体が他の臓器に流れるなど、一定程度機能しているのも確認できたとしています …



[Sharing Logistics Platform]

ハコブは企業間物流の最適化を目指してIoTとクラウドを統合した物流情報プラットフォーム「MOVO」を提供している。今回、ドライバー不足、低い積載率、長時間労働、温室効果ガス排出や騒音などの環境問題、廃棄ロスなど、物流に関する社会課題を解決するために「シェアリング・ロジスティクス・プラットフォーム」構想をまとめた ..

India bans e-cigarette sales and says there’s an ‘epidemic’ of kids vaping

India has banned e-cigarettes as US health inspectors investigate a series of deaths linked to vaping. Reuters reports that an executive order prohibits selling, producing, importing, or advertising e-cigarettes. First offenders could receive up to one year in prison and a 100,000 rupee ($1,400) fine; later violations could cost up to three years and 500,000 rupees. The ban doesn’t apply to actually using e-cigarettes — but it means users can’t legally buy refills for their vapes.

Traditional cigarettes are legal in India, although they’re highly taxed. E-cigarettes, however, have held a less certain position. The government has been weighing a ban for years, despite concerns over the legality of stopping imports, and Reuters reported on a draft of this week’s order back in August. “These novel products come with attractive appearances and multiple flavours and their use has increased exponentially and acquired epidemic proportions in developed countries, especially among youth and children,” said a spokesperson from India’s health ministry…