Android’s new Sound Notifications feature will alert users to their surroundings

Google has announced a new accessibility feature for Android called Sound Notifications. This capability is rolling out to Android phones as part of the Live Transcribe app, which already lets users have real-life speeches and certain sounds transcribed into text form.

The goal of Sound Notifications is to alert users to important sounds that might be audible around them, but that the users may not notice due to hearing impairments or if they’re simply wearing headphones. Once the feature is set up, the phone will listen for sounds such as a baby crying, a dog barking, or water running, and it will let users know in a variety of ways – push notifications, vibration, or even flashing the flashlight on the phone. Additionally, the feature can connect with Wear OS devices to buzz your wrist instead.

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Almost 20,000 Amazon workers in US test positive for Covid-19

Tech company has faced criticism for keeping warehouses open

Amazon has revealed that almost 20,000 of its workers in the US have contracted Covid-19 after months of demands for public disclosure from activists.

The US tech company has been one of the biggest corporate winners during the pandemic, with people across the world switching to online shopping during lockdowns. However, Amazon has faced criticism from some labour campaigners who alleged that the company put employees in danger by keeping warehouses open.

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Ride easy with new biking features in Google Maps @google

People across the world are opting to hop on their bikes—especially with summer arriving in many parts of the world and more people looking for safer ways to get around. Since February, requests for cycling directions in Google Maps have jumped by 69 percent—hitting an all-time high last month. Whether people are hitting the road to get their heart pumping or commute safely during COVID-19, we’re making it easier for cyclists everywhere to get on their own bike or a shared one.

Ten years ago, we introduced biking directions in Google Maps. Now it’s available in nearly 30 countries around the world and millions of people use it every day. As biking habits change, especially as things evolve with COVID-19, we’re constantly updating this information to help you uncover the most reliable bike route …

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C4A Research Institute

Computing for All through Linguistic Interaction Technologies

We are conducting research and development on dialogue systems technologies and related technologies such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interactions. Dialogue systems such as chatbots and personal assistants have been getting used but we think there are many new applications of dialogue system technologies. We are aiming at allowing all people to easily use information technologies through the applied research on dialogue systems with collaborating with the industry and academia. We also try to teach computer science and information technologies through the research and development of dialogue systems technologies.

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