If oportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

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AI robot wrestling with open source

Program the artificial intelligence (AI) of simulated robots in an online international competition.

The ICRA 2023 conference will take place from May 29 to June 2, 2023 in London. It brings together the world’s top robotics researchers from academia and industry.

President Joe Biden’s new cybersecurity plan would crack down on “insecure” software and cloud platforms

‘A single person’s momentary lapse in judgment … should not have national security consequences.’

The White House has issued a new cybersecurity strategy that addresses …

Pokémon Sleep, which you play by sleeping, is out this year

Get a first look at the drowsy mobile game in a pair of trailers.

The Pokémon Company has finally revealed some details on its most anticipated product: Pokémon Sleep. The mobile app was first announced in 2019, and today, during a livestream …

OK Computer: Romania debuts ‘world’s first’ AI government adviser

Ion will synthesize concerns submitted by citizens into reports for the government to consider.

Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă surprised his Cabinet on Wednesday by introducing them to a new member — run completely on artificial intelligence…

Elon Musk recruits team to develop OpenAI’s ChatGPT rival

Elon Musk has approached AI researchers in recent weeks about forming a new research lab to develop an alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the Information reported on Monday, citing people with direct knowledge of the effort.

YouTube As Infinite File Storage via @hackaday

Anyone who was lucky enough to secure a Gmail invite back in early 2004 would have gasped in wonder at the storage on offer, a whole gigabyte! Nearly two decades later there’s more storage to be had for free from Google and its competitors …

「スターリンク」、東京都が試験導入へ 衛星経由でWiFi利用も


Automate OpenStack using Ansible

Ansible offers unique flexibility when automating your infrastructure.

I demonstrated how I manage OpenStack using Terraform in my previous article. Using Terraform as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a significant advantage …

Many Google employees are being asked to share desks to help cut costs

Google used to be a company that was admired for its many perks that it gave its employees. That was before January, when Google announced it was laying off 12,000 of its workers …