Displays & Setting Stories of Liquid Galaxy

Liquid Galaxy produced by End Point Corp. has various us cases with displays.

Grab their attention and inspire their imagination with End Point Liquid Galaxy. Command Centers, Trade Shows, Research, Sales, Real Estate, Events, Education, Travel, Entertainment, Gaming. Our innovative IMMERSIVE INTERACTIVE SYSTEM enables dynamic video and graphic overlays to 3D geospatial flight in a shared environment.

GIS Consulting The Liquid Galaxy is an intense data visualization tool for operations, marketing, and research…
Real Estate The Liquid Galaxy provides an excellent tool for real estate brokerages and land use agencies to showcase their properties with multiple large screens showing 3D building models and complete Google Earth data…


Shinobazu Wonder 12 – 明治アーティストの離合聚散 + Liquid Galaxy

上野という美術の戦場(博覧会、展覧会、競技会など)で表現を競い、時に新たな理想を掲げて独立し、「離合聚散」しながら芸術活動を続けた彼らの軌跡をデジタル技術(Liquid Galaxy および AR)を交えてお見せします。しのばずエリアで紡がれた彼らのネットワークや芸術との格闘にまつわる物語を、展示やまち歩きを通してご体験ください。あなただけの「ワンダーアーティスト」を見つける仕掛けを用意して、会場でお待ちしています。

東京大学大学院情報学環吉見俊哉研究室・渡邉英徳研究室・凸版印刷株式会社は,共同研究成果の発表イベント「Shinobazu Wonder 12 ー明治アーティストの離合聚散ー」を開催します。

旧平櫛田中邸・アトリエ(〒110-0002 東京都台東区上野桜木2-20-3)
7月13日 (土) 12:00-17:00
7月14日 (日) 11:00-17:00
7月15日 (祝) 11:00-16:00


Liquid Galaxy LAB

Liquid Galaxy

Before Installation

Install the lsb-core and lsb packages for Ubuntu 16.04 : $ sudo apt install lsb-core and $ sudo apt install lsb. Update the package database : $ sudo apt update. Upgrade you system using the “-f” parameter .This will attempt to correct a system which has broken dependencies: $ sudo apt upgrade -f .


The installation script (install.sh) is intended to be used with Ubuntu. It might not work with other distributions.

Tested with:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 15.10

Distribution installation details:

Machine name: lgX (x = screen number*)
Username: lg

* set them clockwise (i.e. lg4 lg5 lg1 lg2 lg3). lg1 is always the master.

Other details such as the account name or user password are not relevant, write whatever. As a general rule, autologin can be set on the installation, however it is not mandatory since it will be done by the script later.


Resium is library of React components for Cesium

Resium brings React’s component lifecycle to Cesium. The relationship between Cesium elements and React’s lifecycle is as follows.

constructor: The Cesium element is initialized (the Cesium element of some components are initialized at mount time).

render: Nothing is rendered, because the object passed to children via React’s context API does not exist in this time.

componentDidMount: The Cesium element is mounted. After this, forceUpdate is called and re-render children.

render: Children of the component are rendered. DOM never be rendered except root components (Viewer and CesiumWidget).

componentDidUpdate: Changed properties of the Cesium element are updated. If “Cesium read only properties” are changed, the Cesium element will be reinitialized.

componentWillUnmount: The Cesium element is unmounted and destroyed.


An open-source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps

Overview: CesiumJS is a geospatial 3D mapping platform for creating virtual globes. Our mission is to create the leading web-based globe and map for visualizing dynamic data. We strive for the best possible performance, precision, visual quality, ease of use, platform support, and content.