New Honda EM1 e: electric scooter unveiled

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Honda has unveiled the EM1 e: e-scooter in Europe. Announced last September, the new model will be the first two-wheeled EV from the brand to launch on the continent. The EM1, or Electric Moped 1, has a three-phase brushless in-wheel motor with 0.58 kW typical and 1.7 kW peak power. The engine has a top speed of 45 kph (~28 mph) and delivers up to 90 Nm of torque.

The EM1 e: uses the removable 50V Honda Mobile Power Pack e: providing up to 41.3 km (~25.7 miles) typical range or 48 km (~30 miles) range in ECON mode. The battery can be recharged up to 2,500 times, with a 2.7-hour charge taking the battery from 25 to 75%; a full recharge takes around six hours. LED lights indicate the battery charge level, and the scooter consumes 47 Wh/km (~76 Wh/mile). A digital dash shows information such as the remaining battery, and you can recharge your phone via a USB-A port.