Withings’ U-Scan lets you do urinalysis at home on a daily basis

Emotional, Burning, Unlimited Tuned Laboratory

Withings announced U-Scan, a breakthrough product that lets you do urinalysis at home. This means you don’t have to go to the doctor or a lab to pee in a cup for medical tests.

One of the company’s most technologically advanced devices to date, U-Scan is a miniaturized health lab that hygienically sits within any toilet bowl to unlock the wealth of health information in daily urine.

The project is a game changer when it comes to testing your body — a goal of people who want to have a “quantified self,” a topic I was writing about more than a decade ago. U-Scan went through four years of development. The company unveiled the fruits of the work at CES 2023, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas.