US reportedly orders WhatsApp to tracks group of Chinese users

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Forbes reports that the Drug Enforcement Administration order involves seven users in China and Macau, authorised by a law that allows such tracing without a full explanation.

Case may be connected to an investigation into efforts by Chinese individuals and entities to ship opioids to the US, Forbes says.

The US has been secretly tracking a group of Chinese users of the popular messaging service WhatsApp since November, possibly in an effort to halt illegal opioid sales, Forbes has reported.
The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) ordered WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, to track seven users based in China and Macau, a move authorised by the Pen Register Act, which allows such tracing without an explanation of the reasons for the monitoring, according to the report, which was posted online on Monday.
Citing a recently unsealed surveillance application filed in an Ohio court, Forbes said that DEA agents – without knowing the identities of any of those targeted – ordered WhatsApp to track the IP addresses and numbers with which the targets were communicating, as well as when and how they were using the app.