Artificial Intelligence Just Broke Steve Jobs’ Wall of Secrecy

Secrecy doesn’t play in AI research. And as it happens, AI is more important to the future of tech giants like Apple than any other.

Salakhutdinov made headlines today when he said was going to start publishing journal articles and spending time talking to academics.

That wouldn’t be news, except Salakhutdinov works for Apple—a company famous for an extreme breed of corporate secrecy. Over the past two decades, people who work at Apple haven’t talked to much of anyone about the far-reaching research (or anything else) happening inside the company. And that certainly includes academics.

脳を活性化する曲、AIで自動作曲 「スーパー日本人」実現に一歩

大阪大学Center of Innovation(COI)拠点と科学技術振興機構(JST)は1月16日、ヘッドフォン型の脳波センサーで楽曲を再生しながらユーザーの脳波を測定し、脳を活性化する曲を自動作曲する人工知能(AI)を開発したと発表した。将来、家庭向けのシステムを構築できれば、個人が自らの脳をいつでも活性化でき、潜在力を発揮できる社会の実現につながるとしている。

AI can predict when patients will die from heart failure ‘with 80% accuracy’

Machine learning software allows doctors to cut diagnosis time and better assign treatment.

Scientists say they have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) programme that is capable of predicting when patients with a serious heart disorder will die with an 80% accuracy rate. Researchers from the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS) believe the software will allow doctors to better treat patients with pulmonary hypertension by determining how aggressive their treatment needs to be.

Pulmonary hypertension is a rare blood vessel disorder whereby the heart’s pulmonary arteries harden, making them less efficient at pumping blood to the lungs. Around 7,000 people in the UK suffer from the condition, which left untreated can cause fatal heart failure.