The best chat software for Linux, macOS and Windows isn’t Slack

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Everyone chats. Everyone chats with different apps and services. But which is the best? You might be surprised at the conclusion Jack Wallen draw

Finding the best chat software is a complicated mess. Why? Because everyone and every company uses a different service for team collaboration, messaging and even chatting with clients/customers. Some use Slack, others use Hangouts or Microsoft Teams. You might prefer Android Messages or iMessage. What about Twitter or Facebook messages?

Do you see where I’m going with this? Chat runs the gamut of services and platforms. So, when I was asked to decide on what chat software was the best option for Linux, macOS, and Windows, I had to take a different approach … one that could please everyone. I certainly couldn’t say Slack was the best tool for chatting when not everyone uses the service. And although Twitter and Facebook direct messaging tools don’t really fall under the “chat” category, many use them for that purpose.