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Mitsubishi Motors to sell only EVs, hybrids by mid-2030s

Mitsubishi Motors Corp (7211.T) plans for hybrid and battery electric vehicles to account for all new car sales by the middle of the next decade, beefing up its electrification strategy for staying competitive in key markets.

Americans are quitting plant-based meat due to high prices, worse taste, and questionable health benefits

Plant-based meat looked poised to change the world — but then Americans stopped buying it.

In 2020, retail sales of plant-based meat grew 45%, surpassing the $1 billion mark for the first time.

「インフラゼロでも暮らせる家」実証実験を開始します。 | 住まいのかたち

私たちMUJI HOUSEは、エネルギーや生活水などを既存のライフラインに依存しないモバイルユニットを、移設・組み合わせることでインフラの整わない場所でも自由自在に暮らすことのできる移動式住宅の実証実験「ゼロ・プロジェクト」を2023年3月より開始します。

「スターリンク」、東京都が試験導入へ 衛星経由でWiFi利用も


Nearly half of Americans say they’ve done ‘a full day’s work’ entirely on smartphone!

The average person believes websites will become obsolete in the next decade. A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. adults finds that seven in 10 (70%) believe apps are gradually replacing websites.

Researchers Propose a Fourth Light on Traffic Signals – For Self-Driving Cars

At a traffic light, red means stop and green means go. But transportation engineers at North Carolina State University are now proposing a “white light,” which would enable autonomous vehicles to help control traffic flow – and let human drivers know what’s going on. In computational simulations, the new approach significantly improves travel time through intersections and reduces fuel consumption.

Next Home = Condominium with the hospitals

For the future life in Japan & China, means the area where so many old people life keep to live, we need the enviroment of daily life like the picture. We need the hospitals, doctors when the old people have the problem of their health.

鼓膜の危機? 耳かきボイスと連動して自動的に耳かきするヤバいマシーンがニコ動で話題


これは耳かき動画の音声をリアルタイムで解析し、耳かき音が鳴ると耳かきをしてくれるというハイテクマシーン。耳かきボイスを愛するユーザーにとってはたまらない装置、のはずなのだが …


内視鏡の画像診断支援AIを研究開発する株式会社AIメディカルサービス(本社:東京都豊島区、代表取締役CEO :多田智裕、以下AIM)は、2023年1月1日に、シンガポール国立大学保健機構(NUHS)のヘルスケア・イノベーション・センター(Center for Innovation in Healthcare: CIH)内に、シンガポールオフィスを移転 …