Apparently, Food Scented Face Masks Are A Trend This Week

As the COVID-19 pandemic has gone on, plenty of companies have created branded face masks as a way to promote their image.

This week, however, multiple companies took it a step further and added food scents to their face masks, adding concealed aromas that mimic some of our favorite foods.

Jack in the Box, for example, is promoting a new plant-based “Unchicken Sandwich” by distributing a chicken-scented face mask. The mask produces the scent of fried chicken, since the sandwich they’re making is supposed to be a substitute for poultry.

Mission Barns To Start Taste Tests Of Its Cell-Based Bacon

Berkeley, California-based food tech Mission Barns is planning to start tastings of its cell-based bacon and pork fat this month. The startup is now discussing partnerships with leading food companies to use its cultured animal fat, grown in bioreactors using its proprietary technology, with plant-based components to create “hybrid” alternative meats that are cruelty-free and sustainable, yet unrivalled in terms of taste.

Founded by Eitan Fischer and David Bowman in 2018, Mission Barns is one of the few cultivated food tech startups focused on developing cruelty-free animal fats. Using cells that have been isolated from animals and placed in a warm cultivator, the startup grows the cells into meat or animal fat by feeding it nutrients, vitamins, sugars and proteins…

AIとビール職人がつくった人生の味わい「人生醸造craft」: 最先端AI技術群 ~NEC the WISE~


20代~50代の世代間コミュニケーションをアシストするために、NECの最先端AI技術群「NEC the WISE」とクラフトビールメーカー「コエドブルワリー」のコラボレーションにより生まれた「人生醸造craft」。小学館から発行された過去約40年間の雑誌データをNEC the WISEが分析、20代~50代の各世代の特徴を色、香り、味の指標に変換。コエドブルワリーの職人が仕上げました …

Vegetarians are more likely to suffer from depression than meat eaters, study suggests

Those with mental health conditions may adopt a plant-based diet due to the perception that it is healthier

Researchers in the US reviewed 18 studies published from 1997 to 2019 which examined the relationship between mental health and eating meat on a total of 160,257 people.

The authors cited one study from 2012 which suggested that a vegetarian diet might be chosen by some with mental disorders “as a form of safety or self-protective behaviour” due to the perception that plant-based diets are healthier …

Norimaki Synthesizer: Taste Display Using Ion Electrophoresis in Five Gels

This study describes the production of a novel taste display which uses ion electrophoresis in five gels containing electrolytes that supply controlled amounts of each of the five basic tastes to apply an arbitrary taste to the user’s tongue, analogous to optical displays that produce arbitrary colors from lights of three basic colors. When applied to the tongue with no voltage, the user can taste all five tastes. However, when an electric potential is applied, the cations in the gel move to the cathode side and away from the tongue, so that the flavor is tasted weakly. In this way, we have developed a taste display that reproduces an arbitrary taste by individually suppressing the sensation of each of the five basic tastes (like subtractive synthesis.) Our study differs from previous work in that it uses an electric current for electrophoresis rather than electrically stimulating the tongue, and it does not involve ingestion of a solution to deliver the taste.

~感染リスクなく味を共有できる技術へ~ 「任意の味を表現できる味ディスプレイ」を 総合数理学部 宮下芳明教授が開発