Lyra – enabling voice calls for the next billion users

Google Open Source Blog: The past year has shown just how vital online communication is to our lives. Never before has it been more important to clearly understand one another online, regardless of where you are and whatever network conditions are available. That’s why in February we introduced Lyra: a revolutionary new audio codec using machine learning to produce high-quality voice calls.

As part of our efforts to make the best codecs universally available, we are open sourcing Lyra, allowing other developers to power their communications apps and take Lyra in powerful new directions. This release provides the tools needed for developers to encode and decode audio with Lyra, optimized for the 64-bit ARM android platform, with development on Linux. We hope to expand this codebase and develop improvements and support for additional platforms in tandem with the community.

Android Developers Blog:Android 12 Developer Preview 2

Last month we shared the first preview of Android 12, an early look at the next version of Android. Today we’re bringing you the next milestone build in this year’s release, with more new features and changes for you to try with your apps. Our program of early previews is driven by our core philosophy of openness and collaboration with you, our community. Your input helps us make Android a better platform for developers and users, so keep the feedback coming!

In Android 12 we’re making the OS smarter, easier to use, and better performing, with privacy and security at the core. We’re also working to give you new tools for building great experiences for users, whether they’re using phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, or cars. Some things to look for in today’s release include new rounded corners APIs, improved picture-in-picture APIs, better companion device management, easier effects like blur and color filter, app overlay controls, and more.

To be clear: Pale Moon is in no way associated or affiliated with the Mozilla Corporation.

RT @palemoonbrowser: To be clear: Pale Moon is in no way associated or affiliated with the Mozilla Corporation.

Is Pale Moon affiliated with Mozilla?

No. Pale Moon (and Moonchild Productions) is in no way associated or affiliated with the Mozilla Corporation or Mozilla Foundation. Neither Pale Moon nor the developers have any ties with Mozilla, financially or otherwise. Mozilla does not benefit from people using Pale Moon. Pale Moon is a fully independent product.

So what link is there with Mozilla?

Only one: We have used the freely available Open Source code of Mozilla/Firefox to make the Pale Moon fork. This statement here is in place to let people know that if they wish to abandon Mozilla products as a whole for whatever reason, they can feel confident in using Pale Moon as an alternative.

Take a pulse on health and wellness with your phone @google

Mobile devices have become essential daily tools for people all over the world — from staying connected to taking pictures and accessing information. Thanks to sensors that are already built into smartphones — like your microphone, camera and accelerometer — these devices can also be helpful for daily health and wellness.

Heart rate and respiratory rate are two vital signs commonly used to assess your health and wellness. Starting next month, Google Fit will allow you to measure your heart rate and respiratory rate using just your phone’s camera. These features will be available in the Google Fit app for Pixel phones, with plans to expand to more Android devices.

AlmaLinux, the CentOS Linux replacement, beta is out

AlmaLinux, the open-source enterprise-level Linux distribution created as an alternative to CentOS, has been released in beta with most Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages.

After Red Hat, CentOS’s Linux parent company, announced it was shifting focus from CentOS Linux, the rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to CentOS Stream, which tracks just ahead of a current RHEL release, many CentOS users were annoyed. CloudLinux, a company that had long made an eponymous RHEL clone for multi-tenant web and server hosting companies, announced it would create a new CentOS clone, AlmaLinux. It’s now available as a beta …