Why my public library chooses Linux and open source

My library’s IT Director shares her community’s Linux journey.

The Crawford County Federated Library System has been using Linux and open source software in its IT operations since 1999. They realized early on the potential of open source and integrated it into their enterprise. They were a part of my own Linux journey as I built a content filtering system for our school district. Twenty years ago, there were few models for the use of open source in libraries and education. Meadville Public Library and the Crawford County Federated Library System were the leaders then and now. Recently I had some questions about how to help libraries in our own library system, and I called Meadville. They referred me to Cindy Murdock Ames, their IT Director. I asked her what they were using for patron desktop computers. Cindy sent a brief email that piqued my interest, and I asked her if she would agree to an email interview. She graciously accepted.

宇宙食の開発・実用化 – 「月面等における長期滞在を支える高度資源循環型食料供給システムの開発」戦略プロジェクト


農林水産省 では「月面等における長期滞在を支える高度資源循環型食料供給システムの開発」戦略プロジェクトの実施研究機関等の公募(9月30日まで)をしています。また、9月10日(金)に本事業のWeb公募説明会を開催します。

Re:Earth – The Digital Story Archive.

Re:Earth is a tool that allows you to create and publish digital archives that tell stories.
It allows you to express and show your data in a meaningful, three dimensional way, avoiding more typical and shallow representations.

“I want to represent our material in a way that’s easy to understand, like a movie or a novel.”
The storytelling feature allows you to chronologically view your material based on the connections you’ve made between your data.

Digital Earth & GIS
“I want an intuitive way to visualize activities and materials across countries and regions.”
The system is GIS (Geographic Information System) compatible, and each document can be given location information & displayed on a digital globe.

Style Customization
“I want to summarize historical and regional issues, showing the borders, location and cultural customs of the time.”
You can use your own map image for the globe’s landscape, as well as custom fonts and coloring.

UK children’s digital privacy code comes into effect

Age Appropriate Design Code mandates apps to take ‘best interests’ of child users into account

A sweeping set of regulations governing how online services should treat children’s data have been welcomed by campaigners as they come into effect.

The Age Appropriate Design Code – which was written into law as part of the 2018 Data Protection Act, which also implemented GDPR in the UK – mandates websites and apps from Thursday to take the “best interests” of their child users into account, or face fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover.

Unless they can prove their service is not likely to be used at all by children, companies now face a choice: they must make their entire offering compatible with the code or attempt to identify younger users and treat them with care. The code prohibits the use of “nudge” techniques aimed at encouraging children to give up more of their privacy than they would otherwise choose to, calls on companies to minimise the data they collect about children and requires them to offer children privacy options that default to the maximum security.

東京大学大学院 情報学環・学際情報学府 – 最新Web技術による「デジタルツイン」構築プラットフォーム『Re:Earth』をオープンソースソフトウェアとして開発


ライセンス:Apache License 2.0
Code of Conducts(行動規範):https://github.com/reearth/reearth/blob/main/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md

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