Instagram introduces Video Selfie and Social Vouching as new options to verify age

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Nowadays, we are seeing extensive research being done on the use of social media and how it impacts different people of different age groups. It is now established that social media isn’t safe for children, especially, with one study revealing that children are often exposed to inappropriate content right after they create social media accounts.

Knowing that without any supervision, children are at constant risk of exposure to inaccurate information, sexism, sites promoting self-harm, or materials directed at adults, many social media giants have started putting in efforts to provide age-appropriate experiences on their platforms.

In addition to setting accounts to private by default for underage users, Instagram has now also announced that it is adding more ways of verifying age on the social media app to reduce the chances of inappropriate media exposure. Currently, those in the US will need to verify their age by either uploading their I.D., recording a video selfie, or through Social Vouching which allows you to ask mutual friends to verify your age in case you change your date of birth to 18 or over.