Fitbit’s food logging ‘Nutrients’ page is broken, showing wildly exaggerated daily totals

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The Fitbit app does a great job of helping you manage everything from activity to food intake, but there’s currently a bug that’s tallying data incorrectly. Right now, the Fitbit app is showing daily nutrients intake with wildly exaggerated totals.

Fitbit ‘Nutrients’ page is broken
While most folks think of the Fitbit app in relation to tracking steps, sleep, and workouts, it can do a lot more. You can use the app for food logging and tracking calories in relation to what you’ve burned. Personally, it’s something I’ve used for a while to lose and control weight.

On the food logging page, the Fitbit app will automatically calculate your day’s macronutrients, as well as how many calories are in your “budget” based on what you’ve burned for the day and your goals. But there’s also a “Nutrients” page that can break down how much fat, sodium, cholesterol, and vitamins you’ve taken in from your meals.

Currently, the Fitbit “Nutrients” page is broken, and showing wildly exaggerated numbers for daily food intake.

I first noticed this issue in my own Fitbit app the other night, and it continues to happen daily. For instance, today I’ve merely logged a bowl of cereal with some oat milk, but the daily nutrient intake looks like I’ve just finished up an entire buffet on my own.