Microsoft + Open Source ;)

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Nerd sniping convinces Microsoft to open source 3D Movie Maker from 1995. You can party like it’s 1995 with the newly open sourced Microsoft 3D Movie Maker.

What you need to know
– Microsoft 3D Movie Maker has been open sourced.
– The program was initially launched in 1995 and allowed people to place 3-D objects within pre-rendered environments.
– The software has been out of support for several years and won’t work on many modern systems, but it’s available to investigate for anyone who is interested.
Microsoft 3D Movie Maker was initially launched in 1995. The program allowed you to place 3-D objects within environments to create films. The software looks dated now, but it was a fun way to play around with 3-D effects back in the day. Now, the classic program has been open sourced by Microsoft.