Top Mental Health and Prayer Apps Fail Spectacularly at Privacy, Security by @mozilla

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Despite dealing with issues like depression, suicide, domestic violence, and PTSD, these apps share data freely and raise many security concerns
28 out of 32 apps receive Mozilla’s *Privacy Not Included warning label

When it comes to protecting people’s privacy and security, mental health and prayer apps are worse than any other product category Mozilla researchers have reviewed over the past six years, according to Mozilla’s latest *Privacy Not Included guide.

Released today for May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, Mozilla investigated the privacy and security practices of 32 mental health and prayer apps, like Talkspace, Better Help, Calm, and Glorify. 28 of the 32 apps were slapped with a *Privacy Not Included warning label, indicating strong concerns over user data management. And 25 apps failed to meet Mozilla’s Minimum Security Standards, like requiring strong passwords and managing security updates and vulnerabilities.