Fedora 37 Looks To Deprecate Legacy BIOS Support

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For the Fedora 37 release later this year the developers are looking at deprecating legacy BIOS support and making UEFI a requirement for x86_64 systems.

A change proposal was published today for deprecating legacy BIOS support with Fedora 37. This deprecation will not remove the legacy BIOS support for F37 but will not support non-UEFI installations for new Fedora x86_64 installs. Eventually though the plan is to work towards removing the legacy BIOS support entirely. Those running Fedora on a legacy BIOS system right now will continue to be able to upgrade to F37 packages without a fresh install just fine.

With Fedora having phased out 32-bit x86 OS installations already and placing system requirements around that of at least 2006 era hardware, this change shouldn’t impact too many users besides those that just have UEFI support disabled on their otherwise supported hardware.