Introducing the Data Validation Tool : Google Open Source Blog

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Data validation is a crucial step in data warehouse, database, or data lake migration projects. It involves comparing structured or semi-structured data from the source and target tables and verifying that they match after each migration step (e.g data and schema migration, SQL script translation, ETL migration, etc.)

Today, we are excited to announce the Data Validation Tool (DVT), an open sourced Python CLI tool that provides an automated and repeatable solution for validation across different environments. The tool uses the Ibis framework to connect to a large number of data sources including BigQuery, Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, Teradata, and more.

Why DVT?
Cross-platform data validation is a non-trivial and time-consuming effort, and many customers have to build and maintain a custom solution to perform such tasks. The DVT provides a standardized solution to validate customer’s newly migrated data in Google Cloud against the existing data from their on-prem systems. DVT can be integrated with existing enterprise infrastructure and ETL pipelines to provide a seamless and automated validation …