What is Lechal: A smart footwear that navigates its users with vibrations

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A smart footwear company Lechal, which translates to “take me along” can track the wearers fitness and help them navigate using vibrational patterns.

In a bid to reduce the falling within the older generation, Lechal aids users in coordinating a personalised home exercise plan improving mobility, strength and balance.

Founded in 2011 by Krispian Lawrence, a graduate of the University of Michigan, and Anirudh Sharma, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the company seeks to create an intuitive and user-friendly wearable technology for visually-impaired people.

Mr Lawrence, founder and CEO, said: “Ultimately Lechal was conceived and launched to help the visually-impaired with navigation through haptic feedback in your feet when wearable technology was at its infancy.

“Even though footwear is the most challenging to work on from a technology standpoint, because of so many issues that need addressing, I feel like the shoes are the most natural extension to the body.

“You never leave the home without shoes, and they always point to the direction you want to go to, so that’s how started.”