Computer chip will sniff your armpits and tell you when you have BO

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DO I smell? It is an embarrassing problem we have all had to deal with. A run for the bus or a hot meeting room can leave you trying to check your armpit without anyone noticing. Luckily, AI is here to help.

UK chip-maker Arm, better known for developing the hardware that powers most smartphones, is working on a new generation of smart chips that embed artificial intelligence inside devices. One of these chips is being taught to smell.

The idea is that the chips will be small and cheap enough to be built into clothing, allowing an AI to keep tabs on your BO throughout the day. Arm also wants to add the chips to food packaging to monitor freshness.The e-noses are part of a project called PlasticArmPit, in which Arm is developing smart chips made from thin sheets of plastic. Each chip will have eight different sensors and a built-in machine learning circuit…