LGPRJ#NCOIH – exchange SpaceNav@Gunkanjima

Emotional, Burning, Unlimited Tuned Laboratory

1. Checked the current situation

1.1  No response with left cycle + left down + right down
1.2 keeps motion like below movie after handing out

2. Tried some ways with current hardware

2.1 checked the position and found correct/no problem
2.2 reconnected USB cables + Hub and rebooted
2.3 additionally made clean cables up, power/usb cables with physical reconnection.

=> no change and keep above motions


3. Replaced Control Bar with new one

3.1 Replaced & rebooted
3.2 showed correct work



The staffs of Gunkanjima Digital Museum, GDM (Left 2 ladies) asked support to the technical staff of another local company (Right 1 guy).

I made a lesson about actions to fix the problem with description with example trouble issue like the case of this time.

“The controller is the same one of some game player! May I find out in Akihabara?”
“Maybe 🙂 But I cannot support ;)”

The staff of GDM asked me whether they can hold some spares of control bar. How’s about? 🙂