Functional Codes

Emotional, Burning, Unlimited Tuned Laboratory

Basic System Relaunch – should be used if there’s a fault on the screens.

Full system relaunch – the basic relaunch, plus a restart of lightdm

Kills chrome – useful for chrome based applications that are acting weird

Restarts ROS – for when peripheral devices start acting up

Restarts the ros_cms (not applicable to Portal at the moment)

Restarts the display nodes – takes a long time, worst case scenario

Relaunch as above, with included squid purge. This is useful when you see google earth errors, or grey screens that’s persist with relaunches

Occasionally, the Liquid Galaxy will lose connection with one of its critical systems or produce an error on screen. While End Point provides full support and remote monitoring, a quick solution to some problems can be solved locally by a competent in-house IT manager. The keypad provides a manual, secure method to trigger various maintenance routines.
The keypad should be plugged directly into any available USB port on the head node. The head node is the machine connected to the building LAN.

If you have an LGX system, it may already be mounted to the system rack shelf and labeled ‘Service Only’.
Simply enter a functional code for your system and press enter. You should see a reaction on the displays a few seconds later.