systemctl list-unit-files in trial #1


too many ? services.

# systemctl list-unit-files | grep enable
accounts-daemon.service enabled
atd.service enabled
auditd.service enabled
chronyd.service enabled
crond.service enabled
dbus-org.fedoraproject.FirewallD1.service enabled
dbus-org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.service enabled
dbus-org.freedesktop.nm-dispatcher.service enabled
firewalld.service enabled
getty@.service enabled
hypervkvpd.service enabled
hypervvssd.service enabled
irqbalance.service enabled
kdump.service enabled
NetworkManager-dispatcher.service enabled
NetworkManager.service enabled
postfix.service enabled
rpcbind.service enabled
rsyslog.service enabled
sshd.service enabled
dm-event.socket enabled
iscsid.socket enabled
iscsiuio.socket enabled
lvm2-lvmetad.socket enabled
rpcbind.socket enabled enabled enabled enabled enabled

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