Google failed to kill a lawsuit alleging that it secretly scoops up troves of internet data even if users browse in “Incognito” …

Google failed to kill a lawsuit alleging that it secretly scoops up troves of internet data even if users browse in “Incognito” mode to keep their search activity private.

The consumers who filed the case as a class action alleged that even when they turn off data collection in Chrome, other Google tools used by websites end up amassing their personal information. A federal judge on Friday denied the Alphabet Inc. unit’s initial request to throw out the case.

“The court concludes that Google did not notify users that Google engages in the alleged data collection while the user is in private browsing mode,” U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, wrote in her ruling.

Linux Mint’s Update Manager To Encourage Users To Apply Security Updates

Last week the Linux Mint project shared the troubling news how many of its users are behind on important security updates or in some cases even running end-of-life versions. In trying to help address the issue, Linux Mint is working on improvements to its Update Manager to encourage users to apply updates.

The Linux Mint project posted this morning their February 2021 monthly report. In there they outlined some of the pending Update Manager work to encourage users to update. “In the next release the manager won’t just look for available updates, it will also keep track of particular metrics and be able to detect cases where updates are overlooked. Some of these metrics are when was the last time updates were applied, when was the last time packages were upgraded on the system, for how many days has a particular update been shown…In some cases the Update Manager will be able to remind you to apply updates. In a few of them it might even insist.”

How safe is Clubhouse?

Despite its boom in popularity, the Clubhouse app has been found lacking in some basic privacy and security protections.

It was a Sunday night in late January when audio-only social network Clubhouse burst into the mainstream. An interview with Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, took a turn when Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev was brought onto the virtual stage.

As Musk turned interviewer, asking Tenev about the real story behind Wall Street Bets, the room stretched beyond Clubhouse’s 5,000 person limit. The audio was streamed live on YouTube – against Clubhouse’s terms of service – fuelling the app’s rise to the top of the start-up charts as an influx of people scrambled to source an invite.

Latest Firefox release includes Multiple Picture-in-Picture and Total Cookie Protection – moz://a

Beginning last year, the internet began playing a bigger role in our lives than ever before. In the US, we went from only three percent of workers to more than forty percent working from home in 2020, all powered by the web. We also relied on it to stay informed, and connect with friends and family when we couldn’t meet in-person.

And despite the many difficulties we all have faced online and offline, we’re proud to keep making Firefox an essential part of what makes the web work.


2019年10月以降、日本国内にてEmotetの感染事例が急増し、JPCERT/CCではこれまで注意喚起の発行や感染が疑われる場合の調査手順を公開し注意を呼び掛けていました。 2021年1月にEuropolは欧米各国の共同作戦によるEmotetのテイクダウンを発表しましたが、以後、各国CERTのネットワークを介して被害者への通知を行うことが示されています。日本国内では引き続きEmotetの感染端末が存在しており、JPCERT/CCでは国内外の各国機関等と連携し、利用者へ通知をしています …