What is Kyndryl? IBM’s managed infrastructure services spin-off explained

Kyndryl is the new name for IBM’s managed infrastructure services business, which will spin off as a separate company by the end of 2021. Initially, little will change for customers — except perhaps the logo on their invoice — but in time Kyndryl’s split from IBM will allow both businesses to innovate and to work with new partners.

What does Kyndryl do?

Essentially, Kyndryl does exactly what the managed infrastructure services unit of IBM’s Global Technology Services segment did: outsource the management of enterprises’ IT infrastructure, whether it came from IBM or another vendor.

小鳥の鳴き声は言語だった 文法まで突き止めた日本人研究者



シジュウカラに、録音しておいた「ジャージャー」を聞かせてみると、地面を見たり茂みをのぞいたり、まるでヘビが潜む場所を探すかのようにふるまいます。では、「ジャージャー」を聞いたとき、彼らはヘビの姿を思い描いているのでしょうか。ある実験で調べました …



小田急線厚木駅前の「Re Cafe」(海老名市河原口)では、抗酸化作用と抗炎症作用があるターメリックを使った薬膳牛すじカレー(店内税込み1331円、弁当同1080円)と薬膳焼きカレー(同)を提供。「Cafe くろすぽいんと」(同市東柏ヶ谷)では、ターメリックを使ったスパイシーチキン弁当(同500円)、「タベルナ イル ロカーレ」(同市中野)では、不飽和脂肪酸が豊富に含まれている青魚などを使った夏のヘルシーランチセット(同2750円)を販売している。


SBI aims to raise stake in Shinsei Bank to 48% in tender offer

SBI Holdings Inc. launched a public tender offer to acquire a near-majority stake in Shinsei Bank and make it a consolidated subsidiary to form a general financial group.

SBI, which is already Shinsei Bank’s top shareholder with a roughly 20 percent stake, announced on Sept. 9 that it will spend about 110 billion yen ($1 billion) to raise its stake in the bank to 48 percent.

The major online financial-service provider decided to launch the tender offer after Shinsei Bank refused to agree to SBI’s proposals for a capital and business alliance. The tender offer could become a hostile takeover depending on how the bank responds.

iRobot’s newest Roomba uses AI to avoid dog poop

Finally, decades of research into artificial intelligence are paying off

Using a robot vacuum has always been a bit hazardous for pet owners. Leaving a robovac to do its thing in your absence can be a problem if your less-than-perfectly-trained dog or cat also does its thing while you’re out. A quick Google of “Roomba dog poop” gives you some idea of what the outcome can be, as unheeding robots with spinning brushes barrel into the mess and proceed to spread it liberally around the house.

But now, Roomba-maker iRobot say it’s fixed this scatological problem. The company’s latest robovac, the Roomba j7+, uses built-in machine vision and AI to identify and avoid pet messes of all sorts. “It’s a big deal for us,” iRobot founder and CEO Colin Angle tells The Verge. “We’ve been working on it for a long time and we’re guaranteeing that it works.”