What would a being *made* of code, that has *read* most of the code in the world, think about how to *design* code?

Emotional, Burning, Unlimited Tuned Laboratory

GPT-4 was released on Tuesday, and on my sector of Twitter, many of the smartest people I know were losing their brilliant minds.

And for good reason; many wonderful things have been made with GPT-3 class of LLMs, keeping a frenetic pace that has continued to increase, giving indications of the oft’ cited Kurzweilian “Intelligence Explosion.” Unimaginable as it may be, the excitement grew even faster yesterday as OpenAI continued to ram its foot on the pedal of progress, to the fear and joy of many.

I was lucky enough to be randomly selected into the ChatGPT-4 beta, and I stayed up until 4am playing with it, despite an early morning ahead of me.