CatGPT: It’s like ChatGPT but not useful in any way whatsoever #cats #ChatGPT #llm #ml

Emotional, Burning, Unlimited Tuned Laboratory

I want the readers of this article to close their eyes for a moment. Think back to the dark ages. No, not the period between the fall of the western Roman empire and the Renaissance. I’m talking about a time when you were alive and didn’t have a high-speed Internet connection. How useful was the Internet?

I used to visit the computer lab at my high school’s library and dial-up to their ISP at a blazing 28.8kbps so that I could do research for homework. Honestly, it was mostly useless, and I would have been better off scouring the endless bookshelves for the information I needed because in reality I would just waste time looking for cat gifs and gaming news on Ask Jeeves. However, there is now a thing called ChatGPT and I have a sneaking suspicion my son uses it to do all his homework. But you know what they say; the more things change, the more they stay the same.