Share your Linux terminal with tmate

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Tmate expands your options for session sharing with the Linux terminal.

As a member of the Fedora Linux QA team, I sometimes find myself executing a bunch of commands that I want to broadcast to other developers. If you’ve ever used a terminal multiplexer like tmux or GNU Screen, you might think that that’s a relatively easy task. But not all of the people I want to see my demonstration are connecting to my terminal session from a laptop or desktop. Some might have casually opened it from their phone browser—which they can readily do because I use tmate.

Linux terminal sharing with tmate
Watching someone else work in a Linux terminal is very educational. You can learn new commands, new workflows, or new ways to debug and automate. But it can be difficult to capture what you’re seeing so you can try it yourself later. You might resort to taking screenshots or a screen recording of a shared terminal session so you can type out each command later. The only other option is for the person demonstrating the commands to record the session using a tool like Asciinema or script and scriptreplay.