Linus Torvalds Comments On The NTFS Linux Driver Situation

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As written about earlier this week, concerns have been raised over the “new” NTFS Linux driver that it’s effectively unmaintained already less than one year after being mainlined. Linus Torvalds has since commented on the matter and opens up the door for other developers to maintain it.

Since the driver was finally mainlined last year in Linux 5.15, there haven’t been any major bug fixes to be sent in for the driver. The driver, which started out as a proprietary driver by Paragon Software, has seen a few fixes towards the last year within Paragon’s Git tree but never submitted to mainline. Attempts by other developers to reach the NTFS3 maintainer have been unsuccessful. Thus leading to the public discussion this week over the state of this promising NTFS open-source Linux driver that offers read/write support and other functionality not available with the existing NTFS Linux driver and also better than the FUSE-based alternative.