Suzuki Joins The Fray To Develop Flying Cars

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For the better part of a decade, a car manufactured by the Silicon Valley company Apple has been the subject of teasing, rumors, and speculation. Throughout this time, contradictory information surrounding the project has come from both Apple and the automotive press, Apple Insider notes. Seemingly, the car has gone from an uncertain concept to a definite project, and then from cancelation to revival. Even now, the future of the vehicle remains uncertain, as head self-driving engineer Joe Bass has just left for a VR job at Meta (via Tech Radar). The previous September, Doug Field, another Apple Car manager, headed over to Ford.

In this article, we’ll break down the timeline of the Apple Car project up to the present day, and try to sort out concrete facts from the ever-changing rumors. From this, we hope to gain an understanding of the car’s possible feature-set, as well as the challenges the project still has to face before release.