A new look for the Circle of Friends

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We’re approaching the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release and it’s that time of the cycle when everyone is watching for the first glimpse of the official mascot artwork. This release, however, also has another visual treat in store. Because this time, Ubuntu’s logo – the Circle of Friends – gets an upgrade too!

Sleek lines for a contemporary feel
The new logo isn’t a revolution; rather, it’s an evolution of the Circle of Friends. As you can see at the top of the post, the classic white-on-orange colour scheme hasn’t changed. But the new version sports sleek lines which bind the Circle of Friends even more closely together.

While it is important to have a respectful continuity with the previous Circle of Friends, the updated version is leaner, more focused, more sophisticated. It also makes a little more sense that the heads are now inside the circle, facing each other and connecting more directly. The rectangular orange tag is a break from the conventional square or circle, as it allows for the boldness of the orange to express itself and provides a recognisable colourful mark across media. Finally, the logo moves from a tiny superscript to a large, dynamic and leading presence…