Here’s one developer’s compelling case for why Bing is a worthy alternative to Google

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Bing’s improved results drew in a developer, but a rich UI and Microsoft Rewards helped fully convert him to the search engine.

Luke Blevins is a developer interested in .NET, Azure, and Windows. He’s also a contributor to the popular third-party file explorer Files. Over the last two years or so, the developer switched to Bing as his primary search engine. Blevins’ recent Twitter thread discussing how the search engine has evolved over the years provides a unique perspective on Bing.

Blevins dipped his toe in the Bing waters before this recent experiment, but he never stuck around for long. That changed after Microsoft made significant improvements to Bing’s results, design, and feature set. Mostly drawn in by improved searched results, the dev came to appreciate other elements of Bing, such as its rich UI.