New integrated view for Gmail features email, Google Meet, Google Chat, and Spaces in one place … Google Workspace Updates

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[February 11, 2022]: Rollout to Rapid Release domains and users with personal Google Accounts has begun. Rollout to Scheduled Release domains is scheduled to begin on February 28, 2022.
Additionally, you can now visit the Help Center to learn more about the integrated Gmail layout.
What’s changing
We’re introducing a new, integrated view for Gmail, making it easy to move between critical applications like Gmail, Chat, and Meet in one unified location.
We’ll introduce this new experience according to this timeline:
Beginning February 11, 2022:
Users can opt-in to test the new experience, allowing them to try it out and become more accustomed to it. Users can revert to classic Gmail via settings.
We will share an update on the Google Workspace Updates Blog, along with Help Center content, once rollout begins.
By April 2022:
Users who have not opted-in will begin seeing the new experience by default, but can revert to classic Gmail via settings.