Sayurbox: Bringing fresh produce to city dwellers while empowering the farmers who harvest it

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Sayurbox developed a same-day farm-to-table ecommerce app, handled 3X demand spike, doubled last-mile delivery speed, and launched a strategic plan to empower rural farmers with Google Maps Platform.


  • Enables more delivery slots by reducing driver assignment planning from six hours to under 10 minutes
  • Frees up funds for app development by reducing cost-per-order by 25%
  • Brings new logistics capabilities that help make it possible to handle a 3X spike in demand

Across Indonesia, smallholder farmers in traditional ‘kampungs’, or villages, grow an astounding variety of premium produce from kale to papaya and avocados. Meanwhile, there’s also a surging urban middle class that is looking for healthier and more varied food choices. But what sounds like a recipe for growth and success is often held back by distribution hurdles. “Millions of smallholder farmers can’t take advantage of these opportunities,” according to the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development. “Farmers don’t have logistics infrastructure to sell directly to consumers, leading to multiple middle men, an inefficient supply chain, and high waste.”