Linux boosts Microsoft NTFS support as Linus Torvalds complains about GitHub merges

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Better support for Microsoft’s NTFS file system is coming to the Linux 5.15 kernel.

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has agreed to include Paragon Software’s NTFS3 kernel driver, giving the Linux kernel 5.15 release improved support for Microsoft’s NTFS file system. But he also had some process and security lessons to offer developers about how to code submissions to the kernel should be made.

Paragon’s NTFS driver will make working with Windows’ NTFS drives in Linux an easier task — ending decades of difficulties with Microsoft’s proprietary file system that succeeded FAT.

The addition of Paragon NTFS3 kernel driver follows a prompt from Torvalds in August to go for it and “actually submit” the code so it can be merged into the kernel, telling Paragon that it “should just make a git pull request for it.”