IFTL and inQs Harvest Power From Colorless, Virtually Clear Glass

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IFTL and inQs are pleased to announce that they have successfully harvested power using virtually colorless clear glass. The power generation glass is made using SQPV (SQ Photovoltaic) technology, which has a visible light transmittance of 75% and is capable of providing both heat insulation and power generation. The glass is able to generate power from both sides of the glass. It can also substantially reduce the heat generated by sunlight. Energy generated from the glass can help to reduce carbon footprint by using the energy where it is harvested.

This technology is based on initial research and patents from International Frontier Technology Laboratory Inc. (IFTL), and uses material technology and nanotechnology to harvest power from light using catalysts and electrodes.

inQs Co., Ltd (IFTL’s subsidiary) has been developing glass to generate electricity using this SQPV technology.