How to Install CalyxOS and De-Google Your Phone by Biased Riot

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CalyxOS is an Android ROM that allows you to completely de-google your phone.

Many people spend time choosing internet browsers and other tools that are very privacy-focused. However, not only does your phone contain more privacy-invading tools and services than your computer but you also carry it around with you all day. There are ways to harden your Android phone but the best thing to do is install a custom ROM that is open-source and doesn’t contain any of the spyware that Android does.
What is CalyxOS?
The most popular custom ROM out there at the moment is LineageOS. Not only can it be installed on nearly any android phone but it can also use the Google play service if you choose to enable it. However, there are a number of security issues with LineageOS such as being able to exploit it with the ADB tool and not having verify-boot enabled. Another well known ROM is GrapheneOS which is very security focused but doesn’t allow the play service which just isn’t a viable option for many people that need to use certain apps for everyday life …