Google Maps Gets 100+ AI-Powered Improvements to Help People Get Around

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The new features include Live View, weather reports, and eco-friendly routes.

Google is constantly making strides to improve Google Maps. As one of the most used navigation apps, the company knows how important it is to keep things moving forward with it.

Today, Google took to The Keyword to announce a bunch of new AI-powered changes coming to Google Maps that’ll make it much easier to get from place to place. Between better indoor navigation and suggestions for eco-friendly routes, this is quite an impressive update from Google.

Google’s New Indoors Live View
The first major aspect of the update comes to Google’s Live View augmented reality feature. Now, it’ll work indoors at a wide variety of locations. While it won’t help you find the bathroom late at night in your home, it will aid you in getting around airports, transit stations, and malls, which can be some of the most difficult places to get around.