FRAME00 CEO Mayumi Hara and CTO aggre Special Interview

Emotional, Burning, Unlimited Tuned Laboratory

A special interview to spotlight people who play an active part vigorously in the blockchain world. Guests for this time are Mayumi Hara (CEO) and aggre (CTO) from FRAME00, Inc.

The interview is divided into two parts, and this time, we’ll focus on “Dev Protocol”, which is a growing protocol involving numerous users from overseas.

— Thank you for coming to our interview today! First, please introduce us the service of FRAME00 and briefly tell us challenges that you want to solve.

Mayumi : We developed Dev Protocol which enables users to sustainably monetize their open assets. Dev Protocol helps fix the problem that creators, producing valuable open assets, encounter which is that they don’t have fair economic valuation models.

For example, when it comes to Open Source Software (OSS), everyone understands its technological value, but its economic value is disregarded. That’s why we created a protocol that allows creators, producing value, to receive sustainable funding to monetize their projects.