JingOS arrives as China’s first Linux Distro, offers iPadOS-like features and functions

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Apple‘s attempts to distinguish its iPad lineup with a dedicated operating system has been met with positive reception overall. Now, China’s first Linux based Distro (Distribution) called JingOS has just been unveiled and it aims to provide the same level of functionality that the iPadOS offers.

JingOS was built with the idea of improving the functionality and productivity of a tablet overall. So, the team behind the new operating system took inspiration from the Cupertino based giant’s iPadOS platform to offer a simple/clean, yet productive and efficient UI design that can ensure that your tablets are a mini computer that one can work on, on the go. JingOS is not only a tablet OS but a full function Linux distro.

With productivity in mind, the OS also supports full mouse and keyboard support. Furthermore, the current selections of apps designed for this platform also support both touch mode and desktop mode. Meaning, one can use it in the form of a laptop and as a notebook. So for those looking for an iPad like experience for their tablets, JingOS might be the next best thing…