Every Single Piece of Hardware Amazon Announced Today

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More Alexa, anyone?

Amazon’s September hardware event returned this year to bring us spanking-new devices, with Alexa-enabled features front and center, shocking. The event, which Amazon live-blogged but did not stream, kicked off as it did last year with a presentation from David Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president of devices. He teased out some of what’s new from the company and just like last year, Amazon dropped so many product reveals that it’ll make your head spin. Here’s what to know.

Echo Dot
First up, Amazon’s Echo Dot gets a clock. According to CNET, the new Echo Dot with Clock has an LED screen behind the speaker that will display not only the time but alarm times and the temperature when asked. This little guy clocks in (sorry) at $60 and is available for pre-order beginning today. Amazon says if the Dot is used as an alarm clock, users can now tap to snooze as well…