Mozilla launches paid premium support for enterprise customers #Mozilla #Firefox

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Mozilla has quietly launched a new product for enterprise customers to buy paid premium support for Firefox. The premium enterprise support for Firefox costs $10 per supported installation and offers customers the ability to submit bugs privately, get critical security bug fixes, get access to a private customer portal, get access to the enterprise critical issues distribution list, and have the ability to contribute to Firefox and its roadmap.

According to Mozilla, it will support Firefox installations as long as they are running on machines that meet the system requirements. Windows, Mac, and Linux based operating systems are listed in the systems requirements so all platforms should be covered by the premium support.

The fact that Mozilla has launched this premium tier product is quite interesting, it comes just a couple of days since the company said it was re-launching Test Pilot for Firefox and that the first test program would be Firefox Private Network, a planned paid-for VPN service. It looks as though the company is trying to diversify its revenue streams…