OpenAI’s MuseNet generates AI music at the push of a button

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Lady Gaga’s Poker Face in the style of Mozart? Sure, why not

OpenAI’s MuseNet is a new online tool that uses AI to generate songs with as many as 10 different instruments. Not only that, but it can create music in as many as 15 different styles, imitating classical composers like Mozart, contemporary artists like Lady Gaga, or genres like bluegrass or even video game music. You can give it a short segment of music to get it started or have it start from scratch.

MuseNet works by using a deep neural network that’s been trained on a dataset of MIDI files gathered from a range of online sources that cover jazz, pop, African, Indian, and Arabic styles of music. The researchers behind the project say that the system is able to pay attention to music over long periods of time, meaning it’s able to understand the broad context of a song’s melodies, rather than just how they flow together in a short section. With this data, the system is tasked with predicting the next note in a sequence…