KYOCERA Wins CEATEC Award for “Amcenna” IoT Antenna

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Innovative technology yields compact antenna that solves performance challenges when mounted on metals or near water.

KYOCERA Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) announced that its Amcenna IoT antenna has received Japan’s Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award. Amcenna, a compact antenna that performs well even when mounted on metals or near water, was recognized during the 2018 CEATEC Awards, organized by CEATEC JAPAN 2018External Link — one of Asia’s largest IT and electronics tradeshows.

Kyocera’s Amcenna Technology Innovations
To create Amcenna, Kyocera miniaturized an Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC) and integrated an antenna function into the AMC itself. The result is an exceptionally thin, compact antenna that can operate in close proximity to metals or water with no loss of performance. In combination with its compact form factor (7.0×13.6×1.9mm at 2.4GHz), Amcenna’s unique performance can allow IoT devices to be installed in a wider range of applications — including on manufacturing equipment, on metallic automotive body panels, and in wearable devices, to name just a few examples.

夢を描く挑戦者たち金属上でも電波強度が低下しない小型・薄型の新型アンテナ Amcenna(アムセナ)