McDonald’s Franchisees Meet To Find A Seat At The Table

Emotional, Burning, Unlimited Tuned Laboratory

McDonald’s franchisees met this past week at the office of a large franchisee in Tampa, Florida to discuss the formation of an independent franchisee association. This franchisee association, the first in the company’s history could signal a shift in the cultural relationship McDonald’s has with its franchisees. This meeting speaks not only to changing times at McDonald’s but franchising in general.

Collective Issues Produce a Common Voice

Restaurant franchisees of many brands are feeling the profit pinch due to the rising cost of goods, higher labor, and increasing occupancy cost. However, in the case of McDonald’s franchisees, the issues are broader. McDonald’s franchisees face some additional challenges such as the cost of restaurant remodels, changes in operating procedures such as cooking some menu items to order as well as increased …