The End of Google+, announced by Google after a Security Breach, here’s how social media users reacted

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Google has just made a shocking announcement about shutting down Google+, the social network that was launched to compete Facebook. According to the company, Google+ failed to get user attention and over 90% of the user sessions created for no more than five seconds. Google+’s API was also accused of some security concerns recently so instead of making Google+ more secure, they decided to halt it.

In March 2018, a bug was discovered in a Google+’s API that was making it possible to access data of private Google+ profiles. The data fields that were accessible are the name, gender, age, occupation, and email. Google did not inform its user initially and as per the company, they cannot confirm which users were impacted.

Google+ will still be available for Enterprise users as Google says that Google+ is the best product as an internal social network. Google is also planning to announce new Google+ products that will be based on their Enterprise customers …