Is Apple forcing developers to switch to Linux?

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I have been a developer using primarily open source technologies on Macs for over 12 years. I originally switched from Windows to Mac because I didn’t like how difficult open source development on Windows was or Microsoft’s tight grip on the OS; plus, I just felt like Apple “got me” more at that time. By the time OS X came out I was hooked.

I love macOS for its Unix/BSD-heritage and the power of the operating system. Ideological leanings aside, I still feel like it’s the best desktop operating system ever made. I spend a majority of my time in the terminal (tmux, vim, ssh, mutt, irssi, etc.) Apple’s developer ecosystem is excellent, and while Apple has always encouraged you to do things “their way”, I never felt forced.

Fast forward to today. Every Apple announcement has somehow bummed me out over the past few years. Every announcement seems to force me deeper into Apple’s product line. I can’t go a single day without being asked to log into something with my Apple ID. iTunes is basically ruined.