Germany aims to get self-driving cars on the roads in 2022

German lawmakers greenlit a bill that would allow for some autonomous vehicles to hit public roads as early as next year. But those looking for a driverless joyride on the Autobahn will still have to wait.

Driverless busses and other autonomous vehicles could soon hit the streets of Germany after lawmakers in the lower house of parliament approved new rules for self-driving cars. The measure now passes to the upper chamber or parliament, the Bundesrat, for approval before it can take effect. Once approved, it would be the world’s first legal framework for integrating autonomous vehicles in regular traffic, according to the German government.
What will be allowed?
The bill, passed by Bundestag lawmakers in a late-night session on Thursday, changes traffic regulations to allow for autonomous vehicles to be put into regular use across Germany. The bill specifically concerns vehicles with fully autonomous systems that fall under the “Level 4” classification — where a computer is in complete control of the car and no human driver is needed to control or monitor it.

イオンリテールが店舗のスマートストア化に向けてAI映像解析ソリューション「GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance」を採用

「Citywide Surveillance」のAIによる店舗分析の特長

1. AIを活用した人物検知、年代推定機能による安心・安全な店舗運営や法令順守の支援

N.Y.P.D. Robot Dog’s Run Is Cut Short After Fierce Backlash

The Police Department will return the device earlier than planned after critics seized on it as a dystopian example of overly aggressive policing.

When the Police Department acquired a robotic dog last year, officials heralded the four-legged device as a futuristic tool that could go places that were too dangerous to send officers.

“This dog is going to save lives,” Inspector Frank Digiacomo of the department’s technical Assistance Response Unit said in a television interview in December. “It’s going to protect people. It’s going to protect officers.”

Instead, the machine, which the police named Digidog, became a source of heated debate. After it was seen being deployed as part of the response to a home invasion in the Bronx in February, critics likened it to a dystopian surveillance drone.

EU、包括的なAI規制案 無断監視を禁止し、罰金も




ハイリスクカテゴリーには、ローン審査や人材採用でのAIによるスコアリング、渡航文書の信憑性検証、ロボットによる手術によるAI採用などが挙がっている。このカテゴリーのAIについては、リリース前にEUによる評価を受ける必要がある …

OpenAI’s DALL·E borrows from the GPT-3 and creates high-fidelity images from text

Last year, OpenAI released GPT-3, the largest transformer model to date with over 175 billion parameters. The model demonstrated great prowess in generating text from a given context and OpenAI licensed it exclusively to Microsoft for providing the computational backend required to host and run the model for its customers.

Building on this, OpenAI have announced a distilled, 12-billion parameter version of GPT-3 today. Dubbed DALL·E, the new transformer model borrows heavily from GPT-3 but combines its abilities with ImageGPT …