OpenAI’s DALL·E borrows from the GPT-3 and creates high-fidelity images from text

Last year, OpenAI released GPT-3, the largest transformer model to date with over 175 billion parameters. The model demonstrated great prowess in generating text from a given context and OpenAI licensed it exclusively to Microsoft for providing the computational backend required to host and run the model for its customers.

Building on this, OpenAI have announced a distilled, 12-billion parameter version of GPT-3 today. Dubbed DALL·E, the new transformer model borrows heavily from GPT-3 but combines its abilities with ImageGPT …

朝日新聞社メディアラボ 人工知能研究の取り組み


朝日新聞社メディアラボは、新規ビジネスの開発や出資・投資、研究開発などを主なミッションとし、2013年9月に発足した新しい部署です。発足当初より研究開発(R&D)がスコープにあり、新技術を積極的に取り入れ、将来のビジネスに活かす活動を進めています …

Honda to sell world’s first ‘level 3’ self-driving car by March

Japan approves vehicle with technology to handle highway traffic jams

Honda Motor will release a car able to drive itself on congested highways in the coming months, having become the world’s first automaker to receive national certification for “level 3” autonomous driving technology …




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Computing for All through Linguistic Interaction Technologies

We are conducting research and development on dialogue systems technologies and related technologies such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interactions. Dialogue systems such as chatbots and personal assistants have been getting used but we think there are many new applications of dialogue system technologies. We are aiming at allowing all people to easily use information technologies through the applied research on dialogue systems with collaborating with the industry and academia. We also try to teach computer science and information technologies through the research and development of dialogue systems technologies.